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8 Weeks



About the program

Empower yourself to be the influential authority you deserve

The Women Leaders Program is designed for women ready to take full ownership of their life and lead their way to success.

This is a 8 weeks intensive program for Women who want to Lead, Succeed and Build Wealth without compromising their life, purpose and beliefs.

Brought to you by Dionysia Leolei, mother, friend, entrepreneur, business and success mentor.

This 8 weeks program is for driven women who are ready to advance their career or want to launch their entrepreneurial journeys and need someone to guide them and provide expertise and tools to get there.

The Women Leaders Program is suited for executives, high achievers, and entrepreneurs who want to reach their highest goals and build the life and career they deserve!

The Women Leaders program is based on 3 Key Areas:

Purpose (be clear on what your meaningful purpose is / strategize)
You (how you are perceived, what you can work on / improve)
Your environment (what external factors affect your success/manage)

Program Benefits
Clearly identify goals worth striving for
Explore evidence that your dream is possible
Overcome limited beliefs that hold you back
Create a solid, motivational plan
Stay accountable and committed to success

Learn how to achieve your long-term goals by developing a strong foundation with this motivational program to help you reach your goals.

With your Premium Academy Coach you will discover the four steps to success by knowing what you want, believing you can achieve it, creating a strong plan of action, and staying motivated along the way. Gain powerful tools that will help you complete each of these steps, and ultimately, your life goals!

The program is a combination of 1on1 support with the Premium Academy Coach and self study. It also comes with a workbook and tons of resources to help you track your progress and stay accountable!

What is included
Personalised support from a certified coach, teaching, answering your questions, mentoring and helping you implement everything.
Personalised advice and program to fit your needs.
8 hours of 1 on 1 coaching with your expert coach focused completely on you providing guidance and mentorship.
Executive presence assessment (what your presence, appearance, behavior, communication say about you).
Personal brand assessment (how others perceive you, your online presence).
Success workbook to help you keep in track with your goals and progress.
Accountability messages, texts and calls.
Mindset training and coaching.
Dare to Dream online training.
A ton of templates and resources.

The Coaching Program is outlined in 8 weeks and is personalised to the needs and goals of every individual.

Reach your ultimate success level and start a new chapter today!

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